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My name is Peter Roberts - this is my website. I write my geological, engineering, and language books under my own name, but I write my fiction novels under the name of Richard Royal, which is why I didn't just name the website after myself - that and the fact that roberts.com and the like were already taken long ago.

If you want to know about the academic, professional side of me, you can look at the geotechnology section, but now, since my retirement, I have started over again, writing books. I can tell you that I am really enjoying it.

I also learned how to make websites, and built this website myself, as an extension of my writing hobby.

If there is a particular book of mine that you are looking for, then just go to the appropriate section using the menu above. Otherwise, just browse through - you're sure to find something of interest, and maybe even buy it ! 🙂

My Page

This site includes many of the things I have written some time ago, or have wanted to write and have only done so recently. It will include all the new things I am going to write in the future. So this is my new hobby!

Although the site contains my fiction books, it also contains geology, engineering, and language books. My wife, Helena has helped me enormously, typing out my geology books, and preparing, scanning, and annotating all of the diagrams. She has helped me to create our language books as well. We travelled everywhere together and, as I prepared the books, she contributed significantly to the vocabulary, making sure that the feminine side was well represented. She has helped me as a very patient reader and excellent checker. In this she was invaluable, and I thank her for everything she has done to help me in my past career and in my new, 'retired', career as a writer.

Your comments would be welcome to peter.roberts@russetpublishing.com, or just click: